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custome fields disappear from site and backend

  • Dear friends

    i am using ACF in my wordpress site, for education busines, i didn’t have any experience with coding

    custom field used in the site to add two fileds (training date, training location) and these information appear in the shop, at the top of product edit page there are two text box to enter these data.

    wordpress is updated and the plugin version is 4.4.11

    i didn’t remember that i make any updates recentely, only i make some ajusment for Yoast plugin and xml sitemap

    today i notice that all entries for (training date and training location) and the text box to enter data all of theme disappear, and in the products page also all entries disappear, although at the bottom of the edit product page the data is there in custom fields by wordpress

    i try to find screen option, the two fields are not there

    why this happen? and how i can repair this?

  • for your information i try to deactivate the recent installed plugin and try to reactivate ACF but no result

  • these are an old screen shoot taken from my site and admin area before the custom fields disappear

  • The data appears to still be there. Did someone delete the field group? If you click on Custom Fields in the Admin Menu is the field group listed?

    If it is there then check the location settings of the field group to make sure they are correct.

  • these screen shoots is before disppareance

    when i go to the custom filed menu, every thing is ok and the data still there as before

  • i restore a backup to an old date, it also disppared where before it was appear before for this old date

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