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Custom User Admin Page

  • I’m building a CRM plugin and have built a tabbed set of ACF fields for editing user meta which appears on the user profile editor in the admin under user-edit.php?user_id=2. So far, so good.

    The issue I have here is that my ACF fields are buried under all the default user meta fields in which my client has no interest. What I’d like to do therefore is display just those fields on a custom admin page.

    So I have my admin menu and various admin pages including a custom table of all the users with of specific ‘client’ roles. Clicking on those clients takes you to a URL like admin.php?page=crm-client&user=2. THIS is where I’d like my ACF user fields to appear.

    I’ve gone down a whole rabbit hole of building in custom location rules but, so far as I can tell, they just don’t get hooked in on my custom admin pages so I’m thinking that I need another approach: might it be possible to somehow set-up the user object on my custom admin page and ‘trick’ acf into displaying the fields because it believes that default location rule “User role” “is equal to” “x” to be true, i.e.: that we are looking at a user?

    Any and all suggestions are welcome. I’m finding very little useful stuff online relating to customising the admin experience for editing users.

    Many thanks

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