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Custom Taxonomy Question

  • Hi there…

    I created a custom taxonomy on my site… all good.

    I then created a custom field in ACF with the “field type” as “taxonomy” and I selected my custom taxonomy… all good.

    And.. when I create a post, I see the taxonomy field with a bunch of check boxes… I select the appropriate boxes.. and save the post… again, all good.

    Then, when displaying the post, I loop through the selected taxonomies below the post… works as expected. It even creates a link to the archive page because of how I coded it.

    Now… when I visit the archive page, no posts display. I checked the query object and it is fine. But, I also noticed when viewing the custom taxonomy in the backend, there are 0 posts assigned to all of them.. what’s the deal there?

    See attachments.

    Published post:

    Custom taxonomy archive page:

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