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Custom Taxonomy issue with ACF

  • I found a bug while using a custom taxonomy and having the ACF plugin turned on. When selecting a taxonomy term in a post the custom taxonomy meta box hides itself. I can turn it back under “Screen Options” but then if I want to change the taxonomy term again, the meta box will hide itself again. When I turn of the ACF plugin it works normal.

    Any ideas what is causing this to happen?


  • I am having this same problem with my custom post type + custom taxonomy.

    For me, selecting a checkbox in the custom taxonomy toggles the Tags metabox, but not the custom taxonomy metabox.

    As a toggle, if I select two checkboxes the other metabox returns to is original visibility (i.e. if it starts visible, setting one checkbox will hide it, two will show it, three will hide it again, etc.)

    Using ACF PRO 5.2.0 on WordPress 4.1.1.

    The two below are not my pics but not sure if deleting them would delete the OP’s pics (?)

  • The same, the last update 5.2.1 doesn’t solve the issue. Hélas.

  • I am also experiencing this issue on multiple sites.

    Currently using Types plugin for custom post types and taxonomies.

  • I opened a support ticket with ACF and am still awaiting a reply. If I hear anything on this topic I will be sure to share. I am experiencing the same issue that when I check a box for a taxonomy my entire meta box disappears. I noticed that somehow the JS is adding a hide class to the meta box after the taxonomy selection.

  • Hi,

    So to be clear this is happening when you have a custom taxonomy field mapping the terms to the post?
    I’m sure Elliot will be on it since @jcml has opened a support ticket about it.

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