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  • Hi I have successfully added a custom text box setting and associated it to a radio button as per the below documentation:

    i can display the value by using the get field object:

    $customFieldValue = $getCurrentObject['custom_field'];
    echo $customFieldValue;

    I want to update the new custom text box field programatically in a similar way as you would the value of the radio button:

    update_field( $key, $value, $postId);

    The above would be used to update the values of the radio field options, but how can i update the value of the custom text field “custom_field”?

    Any help appreciated, Thanks in advance

  • Finally got it by using:
    $value = “My new value”
    $field = get_field_object(‘name_of_field’,$postId);
    $field[‘custom_field_name’] = $value;

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