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  • Hello,

    For my site, I need to be able to perform searches on certains posts whose custom fields values are “x” or “y”. I’m not sure if I’m clear…

    Let’s say I have some posts about holidays, and I have a custom field called “activity”, and another CF called “Location”.
    Then I want to have a search form containing a place to put keywords, and also a field called “Location”, with checkboxes, and another field called “Activity”, with checkboxes.
    For example the user types a keyword and checkcs “bicycle” and “tennis” in activity, and checks “south of France” in the location: then he’ll see a list of all the posts containing the keyword he searched, and with custom field activity being either bike or tennis, and with custom field location being “south of France”.
    Do you see what I mean?
    Is it possible to do it with your plugin?


  • You need to look at either using one of the available search tools or building your own. The process of building such a search is far too complex to go into on this forum. Try searching for “Parametric Search” or “Faceted Search”

  • Hello bonsaiko, could you solve it? I need exactly the same!

  • Hello Maru,
    I finally developed it myself.

  • There are several search tools, mostly premium plugins, that offer support for ACF fields. One of them is

    If you want to build something yourself then you should start with the Dynamic $_GET parameters section of this page

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