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Custom Query Filter for Elementor Post Widget

  • I am building an Archive page for a custom post type that I created called Events using Elementor. I would like to show upcoming events and past events separately but the posts widget doesn’t allow me to use the dynamic field I created for event date to query by. I was told that I need to use pre_get_posts to make a custom query filter, but I actually don’t know how to write any php, I only know how to copy/paste code into my snippets plugin. So, are there some extremely detailed instructions somewhere or can I pay someone a small amount to accomplish this?

  • Can anyone help us out?

  • I was struggling with this same exact issue. The way to solve it code free is this free plugin

    This thing does exactly what you’re trying to do with relationship fields. No pre_get_posts, no writing custom queries or pasting a bunch of stuff in your functions.php file. Im totally grateful for this thing. If it helps you out in the same way please consider donating to the dev to support it.

    I’m not in any way involved with this plugin, Im just happy it did exactly what I needed and its totally free.

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