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Custom post type within Repeater

  • Hi
    I’m building a site for an art store that has multiple artists, with each artist having multiple painting. I want the store owner to add an artist and with a repeater field add each of their paintings. I figure I have two options, neither of which seem ideal:

    1. Artist is a custom post type with each Portfolio Item in a repeater
    Advantage: the ‘Artists’ custom post type has an archive and a single page template
    Disadvantage: Individual Paintings won’t have a single page template

    2. ‘Artist’ and ‘Painting’ are both custom post types.
    Advantages: Both ‘Artists’ and ‘Painting’ have archive and single page templates.
    Disadvantage: Adding Portfolio Items to specific Artists, or vice versa, using the relationship to post type field will involve scrolling through either many ‘Artists’, or many ‘Paintings’ depending on which custom post type I add the repeater field to.

    Can I create a new custom post within a repeater field?

    Can anyone give some advice on this please.
    Thanks, Steve

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