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'Custom Post Type' posts not showing in 'Location Rules'

  • Hi there,

    I’ve been using ACF with CPTUI for a while, and they’ve always played nice when using them like this, however with one of the recent sites I’m working on the Custom Post Types I’ve created are not showing up within the ‘Posts’ dropdown in the Location Rules for each fieldset.

    Everything looks to be set up in the same way as before with the other sites.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Hi @AsmodeusNOIR

    Currently, post types are split into 2 areas in the location rules:
    1. Posts (post type with compatibility of post)
    2. Pages (post type with compatibility of page)

    Perhaps your post type is under page?

    Please note, that as of the next version this will be changed so that all post types appear under post


  • Hi there Elliot,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I think I was a little unclear with my query, forgot a key word!

    The Custom Post Types do indeed appear under “Page” which is great, however the Custom Post Type posts, which appear under “posts” in previous sites I’ve created, are not appearing anywhere within the location dropdowns.

    They’re all set up the same way as before (and I set up a test on another new site and it seems to be working), so I’m a tad confused as to what may be causing the issue.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @AsmodeusNOIR

    If you can confirm they are working on another test site, then the issue must be specific to the website in question.

    Perhaps you have some code which is preventing ACF from reading in these post types?

    Please double check that the settings of the field types are 100% the same.


  • Hello, I think I have the same problem, I’ve made a website in march 2013 using ACF. In this website, I’ve created a custom post type ‘product’ containing 270 posts. In one ACF Group, I put a rule to show the group to only two posts from product. It’s working fine, but, I’d like to add one new post in the rule and now, my product posts are not shown anymore. The two previous rules are working but don’t show the good info (ex: Post > is equal to > ‘first post of the list’*). *and the list don’t show anymore my products.

    Following the topic here, I checked the registering of my custom post type and at the ‘capability_type’ line, I used this term : ‘content_editor’ accordingly to work with a plugin called ‘map cap’. I deactivated this plugin a put ‘post’ in place of content_editor and it did the trick.

    Now I have to find a way to reactivate ‘Map Cap’. It’s a plugin to manage the right on user types following the custom post types.

  • Hi all,

    I’ve double checked the settings, and it’s all exactly the same as before.

    The custom post type is set to ‘post’, just like my other sites.
    (The actual post types and fields are made up exactly the same as I’m using the same data/layouts).


    Found the issue, there’s an incompatibility with the plugin “Role Scoper”.

    I’m not sure what the nature of the incompatibility would be though as I’m not that great a back-end coder. I’ll see if I can check, though it would be sad if I can’t find a way to utilise both plugins as they’re equally important.


  • I guess it’s the same issue then : incompatibility with role user management

  • Yeah, though the changes Rolescoper makes don’t appear to be too visible, sadly.

  • Not really solved, I’ve just found out what plugin’s causing the issue…


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