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Custom Post Type Page Template – stopped working

  • Hi

    After i upgraded to ACF 5.5 – the plug-in for selecting a custom-post-type-template is not working anymore.

    I’m able to choose the correct template in acf-location -> page-template, but when I select that template in my custom-post-type post, it is not showing any ACF Field Groups. This used to work.

    Is there another way to choose page-templates in custom-post-types, that will work with acf-location.rules?


  • WP 4.7 will be introducing page templates for custom “Posts” and custom post types into core. There have been changes made to incorporate this new that is being added to WP Core. I’m not sure what plugin you’re currently using to select page templates for custom post types, but the change in ACF has probably affected the operation of that plugin. See this post on the new feature in WP It could be that you just need to add the “Template Post Type:” line to your templates, but I’m not sure it will correct the problem with the other plugin or not. It seems that the change in WP will have a significant impact on the plugin that you’re using.

  • @John ….that is probably the best way – to wait for 4.7.

    Thanks for your reply

  • I’d love to bump this up even though it says it’s resolved. I suspect that @stangerup is using the Custom Post Type Page Template plugin? I am. ( at any rate, kinda sucks to have to wait for 4.7 since I’m in the middle of using this type of functionality for an ongoing project that now can’t be reviewed 😀 I tried adding Template Post Type: post, page, feature to my head but that didn’t produce any results. Actively trying to figure this out but at the moment we’ve just rolled back on our update. If there’s anyone else who comes across this would love to hear any solutions and I’ll post if I find something!

  • My suggestion would be to open a new support ticket here and to also report the problem to the developer of the other plugin. Like I’ve said, I’ve never used the other plugin, or even used custom templates for post types other than pages. I have thought about it but more than likely did not find a plugin that I trusted well enough to handle the job so I chose a different direction like ACF fields to make choices and different template parts based on those choices.

    The new version of ACF includes support for whatever it is that WP is doing and also to be backward compatible with WP Core. Between it being new in ACF and the need to account for a plugin that I’ve never worked with, I doubt I’d be able to figure out how to work around the problem. You’ll probably need to build you own custom location rules just for working with the other plugin in WP < 4.7. More then likely, it probably means reworking something for WP >= 4.7 since any plugin that’s currently doing this is going to be obsolete.

  • Ahhh, sounds good @hube2! Thanks!!

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