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Custom ordered image gallery that links to pages/posts

  • I want to create a custom field for my home page that holds images that all link to specific pages or posts.

    I am having trouble deciding how to do this with ACF Pro.

    Here are 2 options I’m considering and the road blocks I’ve run into with both:

    Gallery Field:
    Pros: Images may be custom-ordered
    Cons: Not sure how to add a custom dropdown/select field to image attachments. I need to select from a list of pages and posts (just like ACF’s Relationship field)

    Repeater Field:
    Pros: I can create and Image field and a Relationship field in the subgroup.
    Cons: I can’t drag/drop to custom sort the image/link pairs.

    Am I missing something? Are there any easy workarounds to the cons listed above?


  • I would go with the repeater… my question is why can’t you drag the rows of the repeater to reorder the images? This is something that should be possible.

    You can do it with a gallery, but this would require adding a field group with location rules for attachments and then getting the fields acf fields from the attachments. The real con here is that any image could only link to a single place where with the repeater you could have the same image linking to different places.

  • Thanks for your quick reply! I feel so silly. Sorry. I didn’t realize that the drag/drop handle was over on the left on the Repeater field. Now that I’ve got that down, it is the perfect solution. Thanks again.

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