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  • Hello,

    i am new at coding. i purchased a them atlas that i am using.

    i have downloaded and installed the custom fields plugin.

    managed to create a custom field for cities. but on the admin panel it says you have to copy the code and paste it into the functions.php folder. i have 4 functions files all in different locations. could you please provide the file path for this.

    then how do i get my custom field to be displayed on my admin panel so that i can input the cities.

    i would appreciate your help.

  • You are defiantly not including enough information to get a solid answer here. You should make sure you read through the documentation here .

    not sure what you are trying to copy to your functions.php file however your WP theme should only have 1 functions.php file perhaps you have 4 themes installed in your WP install?

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