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Custom fields on Taxonomy with WPML

  • I’m using ACF with WMPL and it works great everywhere except on a custom taxonomy. I have a couple relationship fields and it’s only showing choices from a German translation even though I’m on the English portion of the site. Any ideas why that is?

    One thing I’ve found is when I make “field groups” translatable by WPML my custom fields don’t show up at all for my taxonomy.

  • Hi @paperrobots

    Thanks for the bug report. This seems like quite a major issue, and I will add this to the to-do and do some testing post ACF5 launch.

    Can you please leave a step by step process to get the issue? Perhaps there are some WPML settings I will need to mimic or extra WPML plugins?

  • Has this been fixed now as it is something I am going to need to do for a project I have just started work on?

    Are there any other known problems with using WPML and ACF as I am really nervous to use them together, but cant think of any other way I want to do it.

  • I’ve just discovered this issue while working on a project with ACF Pro and WPML. Has there been any progress on fixing it?

    If it’s helpful, we have reproduced the problem with basic installation of WordPress 4.2.2, ACF Pro 5.2.6, WPML Multilingual CMS and WPML String Translation 2.1.4.

    You can replicate the problem like so:

    1. Create a custom taxonomy and assign to a post type.
    2. Set the taxonomy to be translatable via WPML > Translation Options.
    3. Add some terms to the taxonomy.
    4. Create a new ACF field group.
    5. Add a taxonomy field group and set it to the custom taxonomy created above.
    6. Create a new post. No terms will be available for the custom field.
  • I ran into the same issue with WPML Multilingual CMS and ACF Pro 5.2.7. Setting the WPML translation option for fields to ‘do nothing’ solved it though.

    It’s the recommended setting according to

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