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Custom Fields not showing on published post

  • Hello,

    We are developing a “Land Brokers” website using “Easy Property Listings” with “ACF” to create custom fields for each property listing and we are having trouble getting the custom fields group we created to show up on a “listing” published post.

    The custom field group displays beautifully on the “Back End” of the listing post and allows you to fill in the information, but for some reason, it will not display on the Front End when you publish the listing. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    Easy Property Listings Version 3.4.25
    ACF Version 5.8.9
    Wordpress Theme: Divi


    Listing Post:

  • Have you added PHP code to your site to show these fields on the listing page? Does the other plugin give you hooks or allow you override the templates it uses to customize them?

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