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custom fields in Comment Forms?

  • I purchased a business listing theme that includes your plug-in. It was one of the reasons I selected this specific theme. I want to add a field (or fields) to a ‘Comment Form’ which this theme uses for reviewing/rating the business listings. I want to use this field in the search form to select which businesses return in the search. I asked the theme author the following question:

    “Can I add a user-selected custom field to the review form through the custom field plug-in? I know you don’t support the plug-in, but will the review form accept a custom field that that could be accessed through a custom field on the search form?”

    The author responded:

    “I’m not aware of such functionality, I don’t think it exists since the comment form and custom fields use 2 different functions to retrieve the values, one is get_post_meta and the other one is get_comment_meta. Anyways, you might want to ask this question directly to the plugin support forum. Just ask if there’s a way to add custom fields through the plugin into the comment form.

    The reviews comment form file of the theme is called rev-comments.php”

    If this is not possible, is the Options Page add-in a global container (or other entity) that I could access from both the comment form and search form?

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Hi @beomanj

    Currently, ACF does not work with WP comments. However, this functionality has been added to the soon to be released ACF version 5!

    For now, it will not be possible to extend the comment form with ACF. You will need to use a specialized plugin / code for this.

    Hope that helps.

  • When is 5 scheduled to be released?

  • Hi @beomanj

    Version 5 is scheduled sometime in February next year.


  • Do you have any date set yet? Have project that needs this feature and it would be great not to have to hard code it… 🙂

  • Hi @almemedia

    ACF5 is undergoing it’s first round of testing.
    Please stay tuned for announcements towards the end of this month.


  • This extension will be brilliant for what I need. Many thanks.

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