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Custom Fields display in sidebar not under main content

  • Hi,

    For some reason, a set of custom fields are being displayed within the post edit screen sidebar instead of underneath the main content. Originally, they were below the main content but for some reason are now in the sidebar and I cannot seem to move them back.

    Any advice?!


  • I am having the exact same problem since the update. This is a huge issue for me.

  • Additionally, the visual editor in the side bar is completely broken as well. Displaying empty content unless I go to text editor.

  • Are you using classic editor or gubenberg?

    Did someone click one of the arrows for changing the metabox order for the group? These are very easy to click in error when expanding or collapsing field groups.

    How have you tried moving them back?

  • I am using Gutenberg, the metabox positions are in their original state.

  • I am using Gutenberg. I may have accidentally moved it to the sidebar but I’ve tried dragging it back over with no luck. It only drags above or below other sidebar sections.

    I’ve also tried re-saving it as ‘below content’ position but with no such luck.

  • I can’t really help you when using gutenberg. My basic understanding is that when using the new editor that all field groups appear in the sidebar. If this was not the case before and it is now then it is likely a change made to WP that is causing this.

    Re-saving a field group may not have any affect. WP stores the order of the metaboxes in the _usermata table for each user under the meta_key “meta-box-order_{$screen_id}”

  • Since my above issue, I have created another set of custom fields for the same admin edit screen (custom post type) and these fields appear below the main content as they should. Surely there is a way to move the others back?

    I shall check out the DB and see if I can edit it that way and post back asap.

  • I solved this by doing the following:

    Within the DB I located the user_meta table and changed meta-box-order_{$screen_id} from ‘side‘ to ‘normal‘.

    Hope that helps others.
    Thanks John for the advice.

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