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Custom Fields Disappear…

  • I have a number of different ACF templates on a website I’m working on –… Basically the idea is that the client would be able to edit stuff by clicking on the Pages section and selecting the page…

    The problem is that Custom fields do not show up when you click on the Page – you have to click on screen Options and then select the ACF template name for it to appear… And since this does not save for some reason, this is very annoying…

    PS. I know the problem is not any other plugins since I have another site with exactly the same plugins installed, and there is no problem there…

    Kind regards,
    Ismail M

  • Interesting, I am having the same problem. All of my fields disappeared on the edit page! I had to look in “Screen Options” to find them and add them to the page again. Fortunately when I add them back, the setting is saved. I wonder if this is an ACF thing or if something else might be causing this.

  • Same problem here too! It’s very annoying cause it works on other websites. Maybe the new update caused that…

  • Same here. The problem is with Rolled back to 5.1.8 and it works again.

    In my case here’s what happened:

    – I could use “Screen Options -> Show on Screen” to reactivate an ACF meta box.
    – That would work for the specific page
    – If I navigated to another page and reactivated its meta boxes, meta boxes for all other pages would disappear again

  • P.S. The version numbers I mention above refer to ACF Pro. I’m not sure if ACF free version is affected, or if it uses the same numbers.

  • Same problem here with version (pro)

  • ACF PRO for me too

  • Updating to wiped out fields from appearing on edit screens in the backend.
    The settings for each set of fields were wiped out “Show on … custom page type”. I added that setting back, but nothing changed.

    I can select the ACF fields in the “Show on screen” settings and that seems to fix the issue.

    The data still exists since it is showing on the frontend.

  • Same problem here with

  • Same here with very annoying when you are doing a demo for a customer… Quick fix please ! 🙂

  • Same here, looks like is the culprit. Actually glad to see that it’s not just a weird plugin conflict or something!

  • I got in touch with ACF support, they’re aware of the problem and should be releasing an update soon.

  • Thanks for the update, Dalton!

  • Not sure if this issue is meant to be fixed with the latest update but I’m still experiencing the problem with version 5.2.0.


  • Yes, I can also confirm this is still a problem with 5.2.0 – had a client with a site almost totally driven by ACF fields login this morning and find all blank pages. Went in to re-add them via WP’s Screen Options, but they won’t stay visible once you update.

  • I am using a custom theme and only using ACF 5.2.0 with no custom fields created, I see the meta-box for page attributes, but as soon as I select a different template the page attribute box hides, then I must activate it via screen options to change it. When I downgrade to an older version of ACF it works just fine. Any body else having these issues?

  • I’m having the same issues with PRO 5.2.0 – the page attributes box disappears. completely clean install and no groups or anything created yet.

  • Issues are still there with PRO 5.2.0 for me too

  • I am also having this issue, meta box panels dissapear after I save a page. Seems to be an issue with the Screen Options in WP. Using version PRO 5.2.0

  • Came to report this issue as I just dicovered this on a brand new site I’m building. Found out, I’m not the only one, so hopefully this is fixed soon! 5.2.0 Pro here.

  • Same here with 5.2.0 Pro. I’ve even found that when I select a category in the WP metabox it instantly disappears behind screen options without a page refresh. WT??????

  • Adding the the list. Same problems here. Does anyone have a temporary work around?

  • Another one here. I have two identical sites (local and remote dev) the former updated to ACF 5.2 and fields using Page Templates vanished.

    I could bring them back by changing the template under Page Attributes when editing a page, but this doesn’t hold when either reloading the page or opening it again.

    Downgraded to 5.1.8 (same as on remote) and problem went away.

  • Same issue for me on 2 different sites running Pro 5.2.0.

    Can anyone confirm Elliot (or other) knows and is working on resolving this?

  • Quick (and ugly) fix :

    // fix for ACF PRO version 5.20
    add_filter(‘admin_footer’, function(){
    echo ‘<script type=”text/javascript”>jQuery(“#screen-options-wrap .metabox-prefs”).prepend(\'<input type=”checkbox” style=”display: none;”>\’);</script>’;

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