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Custom Fields and Switching Themes

  • I inherited a site that uses your plugin in conjunction with CPT UI, the majority of the content and work resides in the custom pages. It all works well.

    I really want to get away from the ‘custom’ theme. Attempts to switch always lose page formatting and are basically blank. I think the CPT UI imported.

    In my sandbox experiments, I exported the CF from the live site, but there was no Import in the basic CF. (I was too cheap to buy pro for an experiment) Is it that simple?

    Is there a known process for switching?


  • With the Pro version you can import the fields, but this will not solve your problem. Since the theme is built using ACF there’s going to be a lot of code in the theme for displaying the site based of the values of these fields. This is not something that any other theme will be able to do this automatically and will need to be customized to do so. No “off the self” theme will be able to display the content and fields that were specifically designed for this site. You will either need to completely redesign and rebuild the site to only use what WP offers or you will need to build a new custom theme to continue to use the fields that were created.

  • Thank you for clarifying.

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