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Custom Field working but vanished from "Field Group" Page

  • Hello,

    I have this issue.
    I had to add two fields to a Field Group. I did that, saved, but they weren’t working no matter how many tries I did.
    Then I had no time, I went for a quick solution.
    I duplicated the Field Group and added the two fields to the new one.
    This way it worked. Yay!
    But here’s the problem.
    I deleted the old one with one field, and it’s no more in the Field Group page.
    Yet, in the related page, the Field Group still appears, which means that I have 4 fields now. Two are new, two are old, and both are related to the same attribute.
    This Ghost Field Group cannot be erased in any way from backend.
    Is there a way to remove it?

    I actually have no access to the database, and it doesn’t use local JSON.

    Thanks for helping.

  • Hmmm… Got exactly the same issue here. I have an older Field group attached to a post type that appears when I edit my posts, but that are not in le ACF list anymore.

  • This looks like there is an issue with JSON.

    Do you have a acf-json folder in the theme?

    These types of issues can happen if for some reason ACF is unable to update the JSON file, or delete it.

    Fields not appearing where they should – ACF fails to write the changes to the JSON file. When editing the page the old JSON file is still being used. You see them in the field group because editing the field group does not load json files

    Delete field groups appearing – ACF was unable to delete the json file when you trashed the group. The group may be listed under sync available.

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