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Custom Field Type ‘input_admin_enqueue_scripts’ not firing

  • Hi guys this is my scenario, I want to fetch youtube details via youtube id, using youtube api(I already have the code to this) and display the results after.

    I have below fields, to input the youtube id and submit after:

    YouTube ID(input type text)
    Submit Button(input type submit)
    I will populate below fields after submit:

    Title(input type text)
    Description(input type text)
    Thumbnail URL(input type text)
    Upload Date(input type text)
    Duration minute(input type number)
    Duration seconds(input type number)

    To do this, I need to do an ajax request when the submit button has been click, but I have trouble getting the field.js to work, I am not sure how to call the ‘input_admin_enqueue_scripts’ callback function, I am expecting that this would be triggered automatically, I have also tried to change the version, but its not working, can someone guide me on this?

  • I don’t see any reason why the hook should not be firing.

    Are you using this template?

    Are you doing this as a plugin in in the theme?

    How have you tested that the hook is not firing?

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