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Custom Field per product in a Woocommerce Order

  • I managed to get an ACF custom field added perfectly to a Woocommerce order using “acf_form(array..” putting it in the order-details.php template.

    I can’t figure out how to add a custom field to each product within an Order. So if someone orders 3 products, have an ACF field 3 times, one for each product, using the order-detail-items.php template.

    Is this possible?

  • I think if I word this in another ay it will be a lot more relatable.
    If a customer orders 3 rings in 1 order and they want one ring in size 5, one size 7 and, one size 10(let’s imagine that those different sizes are a custom ACF field).
    They can only enter the ring sizes choices after they’ve purchased the item.
    So the user has to go to their order page and enter the ring size separately for each product within the same order.
    Is this possible with an ACF field?

  • As a work around, I used the Pro version to get the Repeater field. I was able to make this do what I needed it to.

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