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Custom field on a single category page?

  • Hello everyone

    I am trying to add custom fields to my (woocommerce) category page.
    I know I can add custom fields with the location rule:
    Taxonomy term -> value equals -> Product category.

    But my wish is to make unique category pages.
    what I want is to select one (existing) category page at het location rules, so the created field group is only displaying on the selected category page and keeping the other category pages untouched.

    Its like the same location rule of ‘page’ where u can select a (existing) page where u want to show the custom field.

    Can someone help me with this problem / wish?

    At the moment my website is running:
    Wordpress version: 3.9.2
    Woocommerce version: 2.1.12
    Advanced Custom field version: 4.3.9

  • I have this same exact question.

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