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Custom field in WooCommerce Customer

  • This is such a simple thing, but I cannot get it right.
    I would like to add an extra text field that is mandatory when a customer creates/edits his address. (Stand Number as this is applicable to a security estate and each address has a unique stand number 4 digits – text value to be safe)

    Creating the field is easy.

    What should I enter in “Settings”?

    I tried:
    Page is equal to checkout [If its a new customer that is the first place he can enter the field)
    Page is equal to My Account

    This new field does not show up anywhere.

    Could somebody please help me.

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem with ACF (Free). I need to add some fields to My Account Page, but I think that we need something like: Page -> is equal to -> Edit account.

    This feature, maybe is not supported by ACF and we need to get an Addon.

    Check this thread:

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