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Custom Field in 'Screen Options' on Orders overview page

  • Hi,

    I cannot find an answer for this anywhere, but imagine it’s fairly simple.

    I have added a simple checkbox field to Woocommerce Orders. I want to display this (and ideally be able to sort with it i.e. checked vs not checked) in the Woocommerce orders overview page (Woocommerce>orders).

    Other plugins I have added to the site have options under Screen Options but I do not know how to get ACF fields up there.

    Any help greatly appreciated

  • ACF does not allow specific fields to be added to screen options. ACF should be showing the field group title with a check box to show or hide the group. A selection would have to be made in that field in the field group. If you want to add a custom field to screen options you’d need to use some other method, but I do not believe that fields added here will be saved in a way that is related to the current post, these are saved for the current “screen” for the current user only.

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