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Custom Field in Dashboard

  • I am wondering if there is a way to enter custom field data inside a dashboard widget so that the user can quickly add to a queried post that is listed in the widget. Ideas?

  • Hi @birdman1155

    Currently, ACF does not provide a dashboard widget edit box. Do you already have a dashboard widget (with the queried post) that you want to add the ACF fields to?


  • Yes, here is a picture of what I currently have and then ill explain what I want to do:
    dashboard widget

    So, after the queried entries I think it would be awesome to have the custom field (a repeater field) to quickly add more “hours”

  • Hi @birdman1155

    Thanks for the clarification. Currently, this isn’t possible with ACF v4, but you will be able to add in the repeater field with ACF v5!

    v5 contains an entire developer library of functions to add in fields, forms and such.

    I can’t offer a solution for now, but in a month or two, you can use v5 to add in the repeater field!


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