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Custom Field in Admin Order page

  • Hi I want to display some ACF fields i get when i import products with WP All import in the admin’s order page. By default woo only shows the item title, sku, quantity and price. I know i can create a custom field inside the admin’s order page with ACF, but then i’ll have to fill in the content manually. That’s not what i need. What i need is that the field created in admin’s order page automatically pulls product information that is already loaded…for ex the tax fee applied to that product or whatever i need. Don’t confuse with the data the customer fills in when he makes an order, no. The data i need is already loaded in the product when i make the import with WP All import. Thanks

  • No, i’m talking about adding ACF fields inside the order itself. But this ACF fields i have created them as Post Type = Product (Woocommerce) and i want to display some of them inside the order.

  • You need to edit or create an override template for the WC template that shows the order.

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