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Custom field for WooCommerce Product Variations

  • As the title suggests, I would very much like to have the ability to add custom fields to WooCommerce product variations. Also, I’d like to have them exposed to the Woo REST API. That’s simple enough to do myself though, if the fields actually exist.

    Sadly, the documentation around creating custom fields for Woo Product Variations is nearly non-existing. The few guides that do exist, are either old and don’t work properly anymore, or they simply don’t work at all. Which is strange actually, because there are plenty of people wondering about it.

  • I’d like support this request too.

    I can see that many users in this forum needs this feature; some users also provides code snippets that might works, but those are NOT stable solutions and honestly I’m not confident on use those code snippets on a production website.

    So, I think ACF should provide a stable and “build-in” solution.

  • ACF supports things that are built into (core) WP and does not support 3rd party plugins. After reading over some of the topics on this here on ACF the only thing I can suggest and what I would do if I had to do this, would be to look int WC and see how to do it without ACF.

  • Sorry, but I do not understand your logic.

    WooCommerce IS a 3rd party plugin and ACF does supports WooCommerce (products and orders), right? So, ACF already supports 3rd party plugin like WooCommerce.

    But it doesn’t fully support because some things are missing, like ACF for specific product variations. And that’s the purpose of the feature request.

    In my opinion, it would be a nice addition 🙂

  • ACF supports custom post types. Products and orders are custom post types. ACF also supports custom taxonomies. These are basic WP objects. It is not that ACF supports custom post types and taxonomies it is simply that ACF supports all post types and standard taxonomies.

    Product variations are a construct created by WC that works outside of anything standard in WP.

  • Ok, I understand the “technical” reason but I still think it would be great to have this feauture, at least for PRO users. And it’s true that ACF does not need to support every 3rd party plugin, but maybe it should fully support at least the “bigger ones” like WooCommerce.

  • I didn’t expect a reply to this old thread of mine, so the email notifications in the last few days were truly out of left field :-).

    I barely remember the project I worked on when I asked about this and I seldom work on WordPress anymore, so I no longer have the need for ACF support on product variations. And considering the generally low impact this thread has had in over 2 years, I don’t see ACF focusing on it either.

    That said, it’d be a nice feature to have since customizing Product Variations is a true pain in the neck.

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