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Custom Field for music tracks and bandmembers?

  • Hi,
    I’m currently running a website with reviews of music albums. I created some custom fields, like ARTIST, ALBUM, SCORE and so on. I’m struggling with the information of the music tracks and bandmembers. Below and example:

    music tracks
    1. I Can’t Hold Back 3:59
    2. High on You 4:09
    3. First Night 4:17
    4. The Search Is Over 4:13
    5. Broken Promises 4:01
    6. Popular Girl 3:39
    7. Everlasting 3:52
    8. It’s The Singer, Not The Song 4:34
    9. I See You in Everyone 4:26

    band members:
    Jimi Jamison: lead and backing vocals
    Jim Peterik: bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
    Mickey Thomas: backing vocals
    Marc Droubay: drums
    Stephan Ellis: bass
    Frankie Sullivan: backing guitar, vocals, vocals
    Billie Lee Lewis: percussion

    I tried field type text area and WYSIWYG, but in both cases when I want to display the fields in ELEMENTOR, I lost the “list” structure and ELEMENTOR showed me the entry like this:

    Steve Perry lead vocals Jonathan Cain keyboards, guitar, vocals Ross Valory bass, vocals Steve Smith drums Neal Schon guitars, vocals

    Is there any solution to enter the data in ACF in order to get the result in ELEMENT like the examples above?


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