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Custom field content not saving

  • I have a custom ACF field, the type is a jQuery. Its a rangeslider. The inner workings are that it over-rides a standard text input field and saves its values as either x;y (double handles) or x for single handle.

    The field does everything except save its values. I’ve tried it on both posts and user profiles; backend and on a front-end form. It just won’t save its data.

    No console errors.

    Any help / ideas / things to try would be appreciated.

  • Could you give us some more information?

    I take it you have created a new ACF Field type via building your own plugin?
    Did you use the ‘acf-field-type-template’ ACF hosts on GitHub?

    Could you log/var_dump some information about what is happening on the server at both load_value() and update_value()?

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