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Custom Field and overlay video

  • Hi guys! i add text custom field, then try add link, link working, but link opened in new window, how can open video in overlay box with custom field!

  • This sounds like more of an HTML issue than something to do with ACF.
    If links are opening in a new window, you probably have target=”_blank” on the anchor element, right? To get an overlay would depend on your HTML/CSS/JS setup. For example, if you’re using Twitter Bootstrap, this would be done by setting data-toggle=”modal” and data-target equal to the modal div selector (which would have the video as its content).

  • Hi @gendalf

    Please take a look at the fancybox plugin for a simple documented solution for overlaying HTML / videos

  • yes, added fancy box for Custom Field rel=”fancybox” and all works, thanks

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