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Custom Field and Attachments

  • Custom Fields for attachments just show up in ‘add media’ after the full page is reloaded.

    For example:

    1- Click add media
    2- Upload attachment -> no custom field.
    3- Refresh full page
    4- Click add media
    5- Previously uploaded attachment have the custom field now.

    Any clues to what might cause this or how to solve it?

    WP 3.9.1 + ACF 4.3.8

  • I did some testing with the plugin files and aparently its this condition in ‘everything_fields.php’ controller the culprit:

    if( !empty($screen))
        return $form_fields;

    Removing it would solve the show fields problem on upload media but it would cause them to be duplicated in attachment edit page, so I guessed that was the reason for the condition.

    Changing it to:

    if( !empty($screen) && $screen->id == 'attachment' )
       return $form_fields;

    Seems to have done the trick, testing a lot and so far no more of that problem.

    I’m just not sure how good/bad this solution is since i can’t even get how the get_current_screen function works or how to debug a plugin’ properly.

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