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Custom blocks editor not working after update

  • Our developer used Advanced Custom Fields Pro to create the custom blocks for our website. Since the plugin update on 14th Jan and now when I go to edit my site pages, the blocks are not displaying in the CMS and say that our site doesn’t include support for ‘acf custom block name’ you can leave the block intact or remove it completely. These blocks made up the pages on the entirety of our website. fortunately it is all still showing on the live site ok at the moment, but I have had to revert to 13th Jan back up losing a lot of SEO work and have had to leave the Advanced Field Pro plugin not updated for now. Please can you advise on whether there is something I can do to fix this.

  • Someone else just reported this on another topic. Could be a bug. You should contact the developer

  • Thanks, I have submitted a contact form already, so hopefully I hear back soon.

  • After some discussion with Tony Djukic, I attempted to restore my backup with a different plugin, Duplicator.

  • Our site is doing the same too.

    Infact whilst trying to make a minor text change, it lost the whole page structure and now it wont allow us to rebuild the page back to its original form. As clicking ‘update’ shows random results. We’re currently left with half of the web page on display. No matter what we do, it wont save the extra information and on occasions it deletes the whole page again and we have to start again.

    Its pretty frustrating as we dare not touch the rest of the site which is built using ACF.

    The only option is to restore the whole site, unless someone knows how to restore a single page from a previous backup??

    I have also submitted our issue on the contact page.

  • Our site is also having issues after the update. Is there a place we can manually download the last version of ACF and replace the plugin for now. I don’t want to have to lose all my shop data by resorting to a backup from a few weeks ago.

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