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Current ACF Paid Addons with the new model

  • I was asked to post this on the forums:

    I’ve used ACF on sites for clients with the paid addons. (I’m sure this is the case with many people out there.) With the change to the model will these clients still be able to use ACF with the paid addons just as they always have done? Will they still get updates which work with the paid addons? Will I have to go in and manually enter some code for the pro version in order for the paid addons to work properly (which would be a pain)?

    Just want to make sure that any site I’ve used ACF on will still remain functioning as it always has. I apologize if this has been answered somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

    If this wasn’t the proper forum for this topic please feel free to move it.

  • If you update to ACF 5, the add-ons are no longer needed as they are all integrated into ACF Pro. But your sites will keep running as-is if you DON’T update to ACF 5 and just leave them all as ACF 4, but they won’t continue to get updates as that is now an outdated version.

  • For example, Date and Time Picker is not avaiable in ACF5
    I need to order posts by date AND hour, there’s a way to do it with the new version?

    ACF5 is amazing, but I can’t move from ACF4 till this feature will be improved.


  • Thanks for the info @arcanepsyche. This unfortunately is a real pain. So I have two options I suppose for sites where I’ve used ACF with a paid addon:

    1. Go back through ALL the sites I’ve used paid add-ons with and update them to Pro.

    2. Leave them as is and my clients never get updates.

    Is this correct?

    Obviously from here on out I’ll be using PRO but it’s unfortunate that to really help my past clients I’ll have to manually go in and update them to PRO. Which can be very time consuming.

    Hopefully this question will prove to be helpful for others in the same boat. Which I assume is a large group.

  • Hi guys.

    Just wanted to shed some light on the client upgrade fear. I’ll be writing an article soon, but for now I’ll briefly explain.

    If a client upgrades from ACF4 to ACF5, the premium add-ons will no longer work. Please note that the client’s website will not ‘go down’ or ‘break’, however, some front end code will stop returning data / displaying.

    After the client updates to ACF5, they will be prompted with a message telling them of the current situation and provide a button to roll back to the previous ACF4 they had previously installed.

    After they rollback, the website will continue working as per usual.

    The client may contact you to ask about what has happened, and you can either manually upgrade them to ACF PRO, or tell them to ignore the updates for ACF.

    All 3rd party add-ons (like the time picker) should receive ACF5 compatibility (it is not difficult) soon.

    Hope that clears up some q’s.


  • Thanks for the info @Elliot Condon. I’ll be looking forward to the article as well.

    This helps a bit. I like that they have the option to rollback. I suppose the best thing to do is try to contact my clients where I’ve used ACF (pretty much every site!) with a link to your article when it’s released. I may put the ball in their court saying I can go in and fix their site with ACF Pro or they can leave as is.

    Thanks again and thanks for a great plugin.

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