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CSS to make flexible content popup menu multi column?

  • Has anyone written css/a plugin to improve the flexibility of the dark grey popup menu that appears when you click to add any kind of flexible content elements?

    I’m having the problem that many seem to have had (going on other forum posts) that the popup menu now has quite a lot of items in it and it means scrolling up and down the entire admin page to review them all which is really not desirable.

    If this popup menu could be split into 2 or 3 columns it would be much more manageable.

    As I say, I’ve seen other posts on this issue, many going back years yet I can’t seem to find any fix for this.

  • Did you ever come up with a solution? I don’t have really have one, but adding some custom CSS seems to be the route to go. I’m sure others would be interested if you find anything.

  • @arkid77 Did you ever find a solution to this? Looking at options for something similar too – even adding headings to columns to help sort the components.

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