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CSS Icons with register_block function

  • I am using the acf_register_block_type and its all great, but I wanted to use some css icons as opposed to svg.

    I discovered that I cannot. They must either be an svg element or a dashicon.
    Any way to allow us to put in any html there?
    I’m trying <i class=”gg-arrow-long-down-c”></i> to use icons from which is icons made of pure css.

    Any ideas would be great.

    I was able to do <svg><i class=”gg-arrow-long-down-c”></i></svg> which tricked it but the svg does not let the icon show properly.


  • I also cant use an svg icon family like iconify. Which expects something like
    <span class=”iconify” data-icon=”mdi:account-arrow-left” data-inline=”false”></span>

    Which expands into an svg with javascript.

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