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Critical serialization bug 32-bit 64-bit

  • Hello!

    After hours of debugging I managed to get the reason for a weird issue we are having.

    On one of our production servers everything is fine: We run ACF PRO 5.6.

    When we open our option fields, a specific option is of type “flexible content”.

    When we migrate that page to our dev server, this type is suddenly switching to “text”, which leads to a total loss of content.

    The reason for this is that we run PHP 32-bit on our dev server and PHP 64-bit on our prod server.

    ACF gives keys to the fields that look like this:

    Unfortunately one field looks like this:

    Which leads to a serialzed form of:

    When unserializing on a 32-bit machine, this fails.

    This is a critical bug and I we have to take the following steps to prevent that:
    – Prevent keys which only consist of integers
    – Find a strategy to handle already existing keys

    Let me know what you think about this.

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