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Creating my own custom field type

  • I have ACF pro and I’d like to create my own custom field type. The problem i’m running into is that there’s not a whole lot of recent information online on how to do this.

    I found this article, and this repo from Elliot, but the repo was last updated 4 years ago.

    Is the template still the recommended way to create a custom field type?

  • You asked this before. There have been a lot of changes since that was published. I would suggest looking at existing ACF field classes to see the methods available and add these to your new custom field class as needed. Some of the new methods, if they do not exist, can cause errors.

  • Thanks John!

    I know you make a lot of ACF plugins. Do you have any on your github that are a ‘typical’ ACF plugin that I can look through?

  • I have not done anything with custom field types in several years.

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