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Creating field in which a selection contains an array

  • Hoping that the title makes sense, but what I’m basically asking is whether or not something can be set up to pass multiple values from a single drop down menu.

    In my case, I’d like to make pages for game data. There are many attacks which many characters have access to.

    So when adding characters X, Y and Z I’d like to list the attacks they know. For example, “blast”. Adding that to a page is not hard if I had a field configured as a drop down with a list of attacks.

    Unfortunately, I don’t just want to display the name of the attack. In addition, I’d like to display the attack’s type, power, accuracy and description as well.


    In the example below I’m using X=Y where X is what a user selects in the dropdown, but Y is the value that ACF output:

    Thunderbolt (attack name area), Thunderbolt=Electric (attack type), Thunderbolt=Special (attack category), Thunderbolt=90 (attack power), Thunderbolt=100 (accuracy)

    So a user will be typing in a number for the level and then selecting Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt from the dropdowns.

    Is there a better way?! Thanks gurus!

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