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Creating custom fields on WC Attributes (not terms)

  • I would like to create a custom field group to appear on WooCommerce attributes, but on the attribute itself, not the attribute terms.

    I am aware it is possible to add field groups for the attribute terms, as with any other taxonomy terms, however I’m wanting to add some additional data to the attribute taxonomies themselves (ie. the fields would be on the Products->Attributes screen).

    Is there any way of doing this with ACF? I’ve looked at using custom location rules, but can’t find a way of adding fields to a taxonomy itself rather than a taxonomy term.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • Hey, do you find a solution to this? Trying to do the same thing

  • Same! Going to open a support ticket.

    This is an un-google-able question, everyone is looking to do this for the terms, and I already have that working.

  • Any solution found? I’m also looking for this 🙂

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