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Creating a Directory-Like Structure with ACF

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am working on a directory ( that serves non-profits and the businesses that work with them. It is very early stages but the basic idea is that one can drill through a directory organized by donor category (e.g. what industry they serve) or offer category (e.g. specific items or services being offered).

    Right now the directory using a taxonomy listing plugin I had custom built for the site ( but I’m not entirely satisfied with it and before I go and spend more time and/or money on it, I figured I’d ask here if there is a better/easier way for me to accomplish this sort of thing using ACF without an extra plugin (or with a different plugin)?

    The site interface is similar to the web directories of old (DMoZ/ODP, Yahoo!) and I’m planning on keeping it something like that.

    Okay, I’ve blathered enough. Any thoughts?


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