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Creating a custom term and updating the field data with update_field

  • So I’ve been working on some new functionality for a client whereby they want a frontend form that can be submitted to create a new custom taxonomy and populate the custom fields within it.

    I have a form setup that uses wp_insert_term to create a taxonomy which all works fine. I then get the new taxonomies ID, and append the given data to the custom field using update_field like so:

    <?php update_field( 'field_5b2839d326a1c', $fieldValue, $term_id ); ?>

    But nothing seems to be coming through. I’ve tried using the field name instead of the key, I’ve done an output on the $fieldValue and the $term_id just before running the update_field and they both have values (and the term_id is the same as the post that I am trying to update).

    Where would be the next logical step in debugging this? I’m at a bit of a loose end. If it helps here is my current function (I’ve stripped some of the namings out to keep my client unidentifiable, but the logic is all the same).

    function create_new_artist( $entry, $form ) {
    	// Pass form data to varibles
    	$taxonomy_title		= rgar( $entry, '2' );
    	$field_data 		= rgar( $entry, '3' );
    	// Debugging
    	print_r( 'Title => ' . $taxonomy_title . '</br> Field data => ' . $field_data . '</br>');
    	// Adding the term
    	$new_taxonomy = wp_insert_term( 
    	// Check the new term was added without any errors
    	if (!is_wp_error($new_taxonomy)) {
    		// Get the new term ID 
    		$term = get_term_by('name', $taxonomy_title, 'product_cat');
    		$term_id = $term->term_id;
    		// Add custom field data to new term
    		update_field( 'field_5b2839d326a1c', $field_data, $term_id );
    	} else {
    } add_action( 'gform_after_submission_7', 'create_new_artist', 10, 2 );
  • the post ID for update field for a term should be 'term_'.$term_id

  • How embarrassing!

    Thanks, John. I shouldn’t make that mistake twice!

  • It’s an easy mistake and these types of things are always more visible to others.

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