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Creating a ACF page which uses a loop – Add button?

  • Hi there,

    Im trying to create a page using a combination of the WordPress loop & ACF which will allow staff members to login, Add a ‘Internal page link’ which would consist of:

    Title, Image and Description.

    Obviously that’s nice & easy to do if say – the page template had 1 or 2 displayed on a page (a fixed number). But they would really like to have the ability to ADD as many ‘Internal page links’ as they need (a big plus or add button etc). Is the Repeater Field plugin the only way to do this?

    Thank you.

  • Using a repeater field would be the only way to allow them to add an arbitrary number of something. Otherwise you’d need to duplicate the fields that you’re using code for each instance. A repeater field would allow you to do a loop and make the coding easier as well.

    If all the links are internal to the site you might also want to look at the relationship field. This will let you choose multiple internal posts and then you can loop through the relationship fields to get the url and title of the page to look through.

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