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  • I am using the Advanced Forms plug-in. See: I am using that form to create a CPT entry with the fields I created in ACF Pro. Together with submitting the content to the CPT, I would like to create a dedicated user, which is allowed to only edit that post. Is there a way to get that done via the ACF front end form?

  • I honestly don’t have a clue. You can use either an acf/pre_save_post filter or an acf/save_post action to do something after acf has saved the field values, but how to create a user that is only allowed to edit a post that was just created is not something I’ve seen and not something that ACF will do for you. Look into creating a user in code for WP and search for how to make it possible for them to only edit a single post.

  • Well, it does ‘feel’ like normal to me, using a front-end form to submit a CPT record (with ACF PRO fields) that he or she becomes the ‘owner’ of that records and could edit it later again, also through the front-end after logging in.

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