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Create Price List Table

  • Hello,

    Thanks for great plugin and new forum. Looks cool and elegant.

    I am absolute beginner with ACF plugin and i am looking to create price comparison table underneath the wordpress post as shown in the screenshot.

    Kindly help me to create such a table like price comparison table.

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    This design can be accomplished by using the repeater field (premium add-on). This field type will allow you create a table like data structure where you can create infinite rows.

    You can define the 4 columns that you have in your design, and then enter the data (rows) as you wish.

    I would recommend reading over the ACF getting started documentation before you jump into any code.

    Good luck!

  • Before to buy this add-on, have some questions.

    1. Does the plugin custom fields supports shortcodes?
    2. Can i import custom fields data using bulk import?

    Kindly reply

    with regards

  • Does the plugin custom fields supports shortcodes?

    Yes and no.

    The ACF plugin has a very simple shortcode which will display a simple value such as text. The repeater field will not work with this shortcode.

    Every repeater contains different sub fields and the developer wants different HTML. This is why there is no generic shortcode. You will need to code the template to output the HTML you want. There are lots of tutorials and docs to follow for this

    2. Can i import custom fields data using bulk import?
    There is no import feature for the ACF plugin. The ACF plugin is a GUI layer for the native custom fields. This means it saves and reads data as a normal custom fields. That said, the repeater field saves it’s data in a very specific way which an import tool will not know.

  • Hey elliot I have to say the plugin is a real timesaver = )
    I love it..

    Anyway I’m also trying to make a price listing page and the thing is I want to know if it is possible to make something like this if i buy the repeater field add-on

    catgory 1
    -title -price 1
    -subcatgory 1
    –title –price 1
    –title –price 2
    catgory 2
    -title -price 1
    -title -price 2

  • Hi @darkwoods

    I don’t understand the requirements of your data setup. How doe sub category relate to the categories?

    Perhaps you could use nested repeater fields? Each category can have a repeater for a sub category.

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