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Create Post from within a Custom Field

  • Hi there,

    I am wondering if there is a way in ACF plugin to create a new post (of any custom post type) from within a custom field. To make this clearer: I have created a selector for employees (relation to custom post type ’employee’). If the user now sees, that the employee he wants to select has not been created yet, it would be nice to have a button “Create new” which e.g. will open a lightbox (or show up on the same page) where I can create a new post of type ’employee’ and then returning back with the relation to this newly created employee selected.

    Is a function like this available? Or would I need to switch over to ‘create new employee’ from within the main menu before I can select it?

    Thanks for this awesome plugin

  • Hi @czery

    This functionality is not available. You have to create a post from the respective post edit screen before you can select it in the relationship field.

  • Thanks. Maybe this would make an interesting feature for future releases as it improves usability for the admin user…


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