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Create new Field, creates another one and losing position after update

  • As soon as I create a new field in a group via the WordPress admin, a second field of type text is automatically created. The keys of the fields are “26017” and then “field_60efcd5f9a084”.

    At the same time, when I click on update, I also lose the position where everything should be displayed. It resets itself to post. The Original Position it should be displayed on is an options page.

    I have 204 Fields (Text fields + repeater) in this Group. And fieldnamens can be something like this “language_mybikes_modals_angebot_nicht_mehr_verfugbar_bodytext_start”.

    So a very long name.

    So i just googled für acf losing postion and came up with a solution to increase max_input_vars. It was 1000, then increase it to 3000 and my problems are gone.

    Now my Question to this.

    Can this really be the reason for the problems described.
    Is there a way to determine how long the string (or how many vars) is that ACF produces at the moment I click on update.
    And gives a recommended value for max_input_vars.

    Probably in 99.9% of all cases the 1000 for max_input_vars is by far enough.

  • You have 204 fields. When creating fields the basic field (a text field) has 14 input fields. 204*14 = 2856 fields submitted. Other field types have even more inputs.

    I’d also be surprised if your not having an issue with meta_key lengths with field names like “language_mybikes_modals_angebot_nicht_mehr_verfugbar_bodytext_start”

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