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Create Custom Search form

  • Hello people,
    I have found this great plugin!
    it helps me a lot with my posts!

    The only think that i want is if someone can help me to create a search form for the custom fields that i have created.

    I used the Advance WP Query Search Filter but it doesn’t return any results!

    Is there something that it can help me?
    (I do not know coding well)

  • Hi @makjak

    When you say ‘Advance WP Query Search Filter’, are you refering to a plugin, ot are you writing some custom WP_Query code?

    Also, ‘it doesnt return any results’? You will need to provide more details for me to help you with this one.


  • Hi @elliot
    thanks for your response, yes it is a wordpress plugin
    When i use it i see filter_005845943 as the field that i want
    and this plugin uses this field for the search construction.

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  • Hi @makjak

    Sorry, I do not provide free support for other plugins.


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