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Create and empty gallery

  • Hi all,

    I have project based on users profiles and I would like to create a gallery linked to each user. When the user register it should be empty and then be fillable from the front-end. The user can’t create post nor anything like that and the profile page is autogenerated from BuddyPress through a template.

    Any Idea how I can manage to initialize an empty gallery on the profile and fill it from the front end, including code in the template?


  • Any ideas? Yes.

    If you are not using a child theme then create on and change to it.

    Create an override template for buddypress where you want to add the gallery to be edited

    Use acf_form(), supply the correct post ID for the user "user_{$user_id}" and set 'form' => false and other settings as needed to show the groups/fields that you want to add In the override template place the call to acf_form() inside the existing buddypress form.

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