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  • Hello.
    I want to create a speaker list with ACF. I want to show this speaker list in the meeting calendars I will make later. But I don’t want to make a list of speakers over and over for every meeting. I want to choose from the speaker list that I added earlier in the meeting list I will make. Perhaps the same speaker will attend more than one meeting. How can I do that. I couldn’t find any resources on this.

  • The best way to do this would be to use a custom post type for the speakers.

  • Thank you. I opened a speaker list with Custom Post Type. But how do I select and publish this list of speakers when I write the article for the meeting day? I want this; When I write the article for the meeting, I can choose the speakers. Also, when I come to the speaker list, I can see which meetings the speakers have attended. Is there a resource similar to this example?

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