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Create a rating system with custom post types

  • I am trying to create a video competition that will be judged by a couple WordPress users. Any visitor to the site can submit an entry and I can see that it is submitted. I also know I could create a custom post type that would relate to that entry (which is also a custom post type), but it’s not ideal.

    What I would like to have is one of the following solutions:

    • A logged in user with role “Judge” logs in and gets redirected directly to an archive of competition entries. Each one has the entry’s information PLUS an acf_form for a “Review” post type that has a pre-populated field linking it to the video. I also want this post to be hidden from all other judges (shouldn’t be hard, just only show the form if there is no related post or display the previous values if the user is the author). How do I pre-populate that form? Should I avoid doing it on an archive and instead display it on each “single” view.
    • The alternative is that a logged in user with role “Judge” logs in and gets redirected to the custom post listing for all video competition entries. When they click on a “video entry” post, they get taken to an edit or display page that includes the fields for a related post of type “ratings”.
    • Should I create a custom back end page that shows all the video competition entries and allows creation of ratings from each of those? Similar to the option before but involves creating a custom back end page.

    I just don’t know how to auto-generate ratings for each video entry and for each judge. Even if there is a button that allows for generation, I am at a loss as to how to implement this. Anyone have any ideas?

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